WATCH: How Dave Grohl's Mum Caused His Most Embarrassing Moment...

25 April 2017, 15:12

Dave Grohl mother cringeworthy jazz drumming story

The Foo Fighters frontman recalled the moment his mother asked him for a very special birthday gift at a jazz club.

Dave Grohl has recalled how his mother Virginia caused one of his most cringe-worthy performances ever.

The Foo Fighters frontman - who is supporting the release of his mother's new book, From Cradle To Stage - shared the story of the time his mum asked him to play drums at a jazz club.

Watch him explain the story in MUSE's video from 1:17 onwards:

Speaking to the crowd at the at LA Times Festival of Books, the rocker explained: "We went on my mother's birthday [...] We went to One Step Down and we sat down. 

"And at this point I'm kind of an established punk rock kid with stupid hair and ripped up jeans. So we walk into the Jazz club and the band's just ripping. And my mom says to me: 'You know what I want for my birthday? I want you to get up there and play the drums".

He continues: "And I think I'd been playing drums for a year and I didn't even have a drum set. I was drumming on my bed! And I'm like 'Mom this is jazz, I can't. No way!'"

Needless to say, Grohl went on to grant his mother's wish, but he has never forgotten his cringe-worthy jazz debut.

Virginia Hanlon Grohl's From Cradle To Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars is available to pre-order now.

Photo: YouTube/MUSE