Beady Eye Will Play Oasis Songs This Summer

Liam Gallagher has told Radio X that Beady Eye are going to start playing Oasis songs during their live shows from now on.

Beady Eye

"We're doing Fuji Festival in Japan, which is in July. And we will be dropping Oasis songs for anyone who's bothered."

"The time is right now, without a doubt," he continued. "We were always going to do it, but we thought the [Beady Eye] album needed to stand on its own. We've done some good gigs, we've done some shit gigs. And it's time to drop them in now. Everyone else is. I feel they're just as much my songs as they are Noel's. And if people don't like it, go to the bar or fuck off. If they do like it, jump up and down, let's have a good time."

Listen to the complete interview below.
Liam was talking to us after being named the Greatest Frontman of all time in the Radio X Legends poll on Radio He also revealed that Beady Eye were also about to start work on their second album.
"We're just demoing some songs, no rush, we're going to make it right, maybe put it out next year. It's sounding very uplifting and very rock and roll, but then I would say that." 

Beady Eye