Liam Gallagher: I'm Never Doing Glastonbury Again

Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has told Radio X fans can rule out a surprise appearance from the band at this year's Glastonbury - or any other for that matter.

Beady Eye 2013

"Never, ever doing that thing ever again," Liam proclaimed to Radio X's Danielle Perry , adding, "because it's a nightmare."

The frontman failed to ellaborate on why but did say he has got one festival in his sights.

"I want to go to India. I know someone who puts a festival on there who says its alright," he admitted. "Just want to go there anyway. Not to do a gig. Just to have a nosey."

"We've told the agent, that's his job. If he can do that he's in," bandmate Andy Bell added.

Beady Eye are preparing to release new album BE on June 10.

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